About Diane

Diane likes to write heroines who are relatable, everyday people with spunk and wit. Their only superpower is fierce independence. This trait spurs them to take on dangerous challenges and drives their love interests crazy.

Married to a retired Navy Captain, Diane’s husband is her go-to for colorful slang and guy-talk.

Diane is a member of RWA®, a conference attendee, and  a mentor in the From the Heart Chapter.

As an animal lover, Diane’s books include man’s best friend. In real life, her faithful golden retriever was her constant companion and excellent foot warmer on chilly mornings. (As promised- a pic of the dog.)

Diane was born and raised in Maryland. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland. After a few years in corporate, she switched careers to stay home during the day and raise her son and daughter. For nine years, she lived in the snow belt of Syracuse and worked evenings as a Director for Pampered Chef. She followed that with ten years in the public school system.

An interesting tidbit about Diane is that her family decided to change their last name in 2000. Together, they opted to get rid of the long, hard-to-spell last name, with no blood ties or family history, and chose Holiday. A fun, light, happy name. It always put a smile on her students’ faces when she wrote her name on the chalkboard. Who knew down the road it would end up being the perfect author name?

Now that both of her children are grown and living out-of-state, Diane and her husband sold their house, almost everything they owned, and are traveling the country in search of their next place to settle. South Carolina on lake Murray is their location for a while.  She’s excited about this next chapter of her life and can’t wait to share it with her readers.

LOVE IN HIDING is published by City Owl Press. The book won the RWA® 2015 Pages From The Heart contest for romantic suspense and was a 2016 Golden Heart® Finalist. The sequel, which will come out in 2018, placed first in the 2016 Heart of Denver Molly contest.

Diane is thankful to everyone who served and continues to serve in the military.  For every book sold, she will be making a personal donation to a non-profit organization that supports veterans.